Cynthia Cunningham, Psychotherapist
Individual psychotherapy $80 per session


I believe that everyone can have a life that they love, and that they can have it now . I will help you to discover what will make you happy.  If you are in an unhappy relationship, I can help you to make yourself happier which will automatically improve your relationship.  If you are pulling your love apart , I can help you start putting it back together during our very first session.  There is no reason to stay stuck in your unhappiness. You can love your life, and you can love it now!          

All of us need help sometimes in life either to meet a challenge, or to heal a past hurt, or just to find out who we are, and what we want out of life.  Having a person available to help you during these times can be very valuable.  I will help you by being your companion on your journey during these difficult and exciting times.  I  will act as a part of your support system and as witness to your story. I will help you discover what beliefs are driving your behavior, and I can help you  to change them if to do so would make your  life more rewarding and satisfying.  Let me help you to create a life you love.
Begin today by calling    (818) 575-9049    for an appointment.
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